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Kscien Organization is a not-for-profit organization based in Kurdistan with the global focus on development and improvement of scientific research mainly in the developing countries. We strive to hold different scientific activities in the form of workshops, courses, conferences, etc with the aim of supporting and educating promising individuals in different scientific fields, mainly in the less privileged parts of the world with our main focus on confrontation of predatory publishing which has plagued universities and academic centers in the developing countries.

Our values:

·         Scientific Approaches.

·         Eminence.

·         Exceptional quality.

·         Cooperation.

·         Respect.

·         Competition.

Our vision: The highest academic establishment for development of scientific research and confronting fraudulent and predatory journals in the developing countries


Our Mission : Kscien is committed to embedding and improving research culture in developing countries. 



A photo shows Kscien members with some advisors and audience from one of its scientific events.