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Upon formal request from the president of scientific research of Erbil Polytechnic University (EPU), Dr.Fahmi Hussein Kakamad, the director of Kscien organization for scientific research with other three members of managing board (Shvan Hussein, Rawezh Qadir, Snur Othman) attended the symposium.

EPU, traditionally hold national and international scientific events frequently and this time organized single day symposium for which research experts in all Kurdistan universities were invited to deliver their talks in various publication aspects.

The chair of the symposium (Dr.Hemn Kakabra) specified a distinct time for Kscien director in which he could explain several issues relevant to predatory journals and publishers.  Dr.Fahmi surprised the audience by considerable amount of evidences including those proving predatory nature of (Advanced Journal of Emergency Medicine) belonging to Tehran University of Medical Science (TUMS).