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As it was declared from the foundation and the first appearance, Kscien tries to promote and embed research culture in the developing countries. Encouraging and recognizing the authors who succeeded in their carriers from these regions is one of our attempts in this regard. A special committee from Kscien organization managed Malaysia’s paper ranking for 2018. The process began with the announcement of the activity a few months before the deadline (for further information review several announcements in https://twitter.com/kscien_org, https://www.facebook.com/Ksciens-List-of-Predatory-Journals-and-Publishers-1946257182319955/?ref=settings ).

According to the SNAPR criteria, 248  papers were ranked, some of them sent by the researchers, others were collected by the committee.

We call the corresponding authors of the first three papers to contact Kscien with a month to receive their awards through one of the following channels: [email protected], https://twitter.com/kscien_org , https://www.facebook.com/Ksciens-List-of-Predatory-Journals-and-Publishers-1946257182319955/?ref=settings


First position: SNAPR= 81.025%

Title: Recent progress and development on power DC-DC converter topology, control, design and applications: A review


Second position: SNAPR= 77.129%

Title: A PSO-DQ Current Control Scheme for Performance Enhancement of Z-Source Matrix Converter to Drive IM Fed by Abnormal Voltage


Third position: SNAPR= 65%

Title: Geometric and design parameters of fins employed for enhancing thermal energy storage systems: a review


Forth position: SNAPR= 64.018

Title: Effect of Calophyllum Inophyllum biodiesel-diesel blends on combustion, performance, exhaust particulate matter and gaseous emissions in a multi-cylinder diesel engine


Fifth position: SNAPR= 61.908%

Title: Characterization and functional properties of some natural Acacia gums


Sixth position: SNAPR= 61.367%

Title: Splitting tensile and pullout behavior of synthetic wastes as fiber-reinforced concrete


Seventh position: SNAPR= 61.156%

Title: The identification of high potential archers based on fitness and motor ability variables: A Support Vector Machine approach


Eighth position: SNAPR= 60.889%

Title: Exploring the potential of tocotrienol from Bixa orellana as a single agent targeting metabolic syndrome and bone loss


Ninth position: SNAPR= 60.426%

Title: Electrochemical performance of binder-free NiO-PANI on etched carbon cloth as active electrode material for supercapacitor


Tenth position: SNAPR= 59.473%

Title: The Rise and Evolution of Agile Software Development