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The Second Excellent Paper Symposium 

On  February 28,  2019, Kscien Organization for Scientific Research held an event in Sulaimani city under the title (The Second Excellent Paper Symposium) in joint with six universities (Komar University, Knowledge University, Halabja University, Kirkuk University, Erbil Polytechnic  University and Tishk International University).

The event commenced by opening and welcome speeches by the organizers and sponsor as in the following order:

  • Speech of Kscien Organization For Scientific Research by Dr.Jaafer Omer, a Kscien governing board member.
  • Speech of Sulaimani Governorate by Dr.Haval Abubakir, the Sulaimani governor.
  • Speech of the organizing universities by Aras Ghazi, the representative of Kirkuk University.

 The symposium accommodated two panels:

The 1st Panel was entitled (Tips In Publication) and consisted of 3 topics:

  • Finding A Journal For Publication by assistant professor Abdulkarim Karim, the representative of Knowledge University.
  • The Impact Factor Myth Syndrome by Assistant professor Aram Baram.
  • Female Researchers; Obstacles and Opportunities by Assistant Professor Samah Mustafa.

The 1st panel was run by the Chairman, Dr. Najat Berwary an assistant professor from Polytechnic University.

The 2nd panel was entitled (Tips For The Beginners) and consisted of 4 topics:

  • Selecting Research Topic by Ako Mohammed, the representative of Halabja University.
  • Characteristics of High Quality Journals by Ahmet Demir, a lecturer from Tishk International University.
  • Appropriate Tenses In Academic Writing by Ahmed Mohammed, a lecturer from Kirkuk University.
  • Evolution In Predatory Publishing by Dr.Fahmi Hussein Kakamad, the director of Kscien Organization.

The second panel was handled by Dr.Hiwa Omer Baba,  a governing board member in Kscien organization.

The symposium was completed by the award ceremony. In this part, the authors of the top ten papers, the youngest researcher, the most active researcher and the most scientific laboratory were recognized and rewarded

The ranking process was performed using SNAPR indicator. Click here to read more about SNAPR

About one thousand audiences attended the event.

The following papers were selected as the ten most excellent papers of Kurdistan region published in 2018

First Place:


Second Place

Third Place

Fourth Place


Fifth Place


Sixth Place


Seventh Place


Eighth Place


Ninth Place


Tenth Place


The most active researcher in Kurdistan for 2018 was Dr.Dashty Akrawy from Duhok City and the youngest researcher in Kurdistan was Brwa Nawzad Esmail from Kirkuk City who was born in 1996.