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The University of Malaya is a public university situated in Kuala Lumpur, the national capital and largest city in Malaysia. It is the first-born university in Malaysia and is the uppermost ranking Malaysian foundation of higher education according to several international ranking agencies. According to the latest Kscien survey, 3.7% of the Malaya papers have been published in the predatory journals.

A random sample from the studies published by the university teaching staffs composing of 4301 papers showed that 162 (3.7%) of the papers have been published in the predatory journals that have already been flagged by Kscien organization for scientific research. The survey was accomplished on May 1, 2019.  Although this ratio is lower than the data of the other universities that were previously announced (table), the number is not negligible and should be taken seriously in order to overcome the predatory complications.

Name of University Country Fake Journals % Date of survey
University of Malaya Malaysia 3.7 May, 2019
Tehran Medical Science University Iran 7 May, 2018
Hawler Medical University Iraq 11.56 October, 2017
Charmo University Iraq 19 October, 2017
Sulaimani University Iraq 21 October, 2017
Duhuok University Iraq 21 October, 2017
Salahaddin University Iraq 29.83 October, 2017
Koya University Iraq 31 October, 2017
Baghdad University Iraq 31.73 October, 2017
Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University India 39.8 April, 2018