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On March 17, 2021, Kscien Organization for Scientific Research, as an annual activity, held an event in Kalar city,Garmian District, under the title (The Fourth Excellent Paper Symposium) in Collaboration with eight universities (Garmian University, Knowledge University, Erbil Polytechnic University , Tishk International University(Hawler), Tishk international University(Sulaimany),Hawler Medical University,Komar University,Cihan University).
Hospitality and participation of three relevant experts in the field of research as the panelistsincluded: Prof.Joan Marsh (Deputy editor of the Lancet Psychiatry, UK). ,Prof.Henk Moed (Inventor of SNIP and Former Elsevier Advisor,NLD) and Prof.Michael G.Sarr (Surgery Journal Editor and Myoclinic Professor, USA) was one of the distinguishable points of the present year event.
The event was arranged in regard to the current pandemic (Covid-19) guidelines and consisted of two parts:
The first part was specified to opening and welcome speeches by the organizers and sponsors as in the following order:
· Welcoming Speech of Kscien Organization by Dr.Fahmi H.Kakamad, Founder and President of Kscien Organization.
·Speech of Kurdistan Parliament representative by Dr.Rahi
 R.Said, Parliament Member ,Kurdistan Parliament.
·Speech of the organizing universities by Dr.Farhad Qadir, the representative of Garmian University.
·Presentation and clarification of the SNAPR ranking process by Dr.Jaafar Omer, a governing member of Kscien Organization.
The first part of the symposium was ended with the award ceremony. In this part, the authors of the top ten papers, the youngest researcher, and the most active researcher were recognized and rewarded. In recognition of her permanent support, encouragement, and providing awards for the winners, we want to thanks Kurdistan Parliament president; Dr.Rewaz Fayaq.
The second part was specified to the panels and scientific presentations which was held through Zoom Program at (18:00- 20:00 EBL). It deserves to mention that participants across 54 countries were registered and participated in the second part of the event, about 5 hundred audiences attended in the second session.
The panels included as the following:
·       Opening Speech by Kscien Organization.
·       Presentation of ”How to maximize your success when submitting a manuscript for potential publication” by Prof.Michael G.Sarr , Surgery Journal Editor and Myoclinic Professor , USA.
·       Presentation of ”Potential and limits of Bibliometrics for scientifically developing countries” by Prof.Henk Moed, inventor of SNIP and former Elsevier advisor, NLD.
·       Presentation of ”Publishing in High-Impact journals” by Prof.Joan Marsh, Deputy editor of the Lancet Psychiatry and the former president of the European Association of Science Editors, UK.

·       Presentation of ”Modern Predatory Journals; Recognizing the evolved traits” by Dr.Fahmi H.Kakamad ,founder and president of Kscien Organization.
The ranking process was performed using SNAPR indicator. Click here to read more about SNAPR.
The following papers were selected as the ten most excellent papers of Kurdistan region published in 2020
First Place:
Second Place
Third Place
Fourth Place
Fifth Place
Sixth Place
Seventh Place
Eighth Place
Ninth Place
Tenth Place
The most active researcher in Kurdistan for 2020 owned by Dr. Omid Amiri with 45 included papers from University of Raparin, and the youngest researcher in Kurdistan was Alaa Ahmed from Sulaimani Polytechnic University who was born in 2000.