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Many researchers in developing countries can conduct reliable scientific works and obtain crucial findings. But one of the most obvious obstacles that struggle them is publishing their works in high ranking journals, so any effort and activity to guide and lighten the right way to reach this quality of work will be another step-forwarding in embedding research culture in developing countries.

As a great responsibility, on 10th June 2021, at 2:00 PM, EBL. Kscien Organization arranged an online webinar (Through Zoom Platform) with the title of (How to Publish in high rank journals) for Mrs. Ritu Dhand, a vice president editorial of Nature journals, London.

Kscien president Dr.Fahmi Hussein Kakamad hosted the webinar. It lasted two hours and included almost 250 audiences from different countries.

In the webinar, Dr. Dhand used the opportunity to clarify and analyze the methods and pathways on how researchers of developing countries can bring their works to a quality level that deserves to be published in the most reliable journals.

Finally ,the last quarter of the webinar time was dedicated for the questions and comments of the audiences which Dr. Dhand later answered.

The following link includes the webinar presentation