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In continuation and progress of scientific efforts for sharing and embedding research culture in the developing countries, on March 30,  2021, 9:00 AM., EBL, Kscien organization arranged an online webinar (Through Zoom platforms) with the title of (How to Write Medical Paper) for Professor Michael G. Sarr, a well-known expert in scientific research and a retired surgeon of Mayoclinic hospital, USA.

The webinar was specified to guide medical personnel and anyone who works in the related fields to improve their writing skills and manage themselves to publish their works in the high-impact journals. The webinar lasted two hours and is hosted by Dr.Fahmi Hussein Kakamad, the president of Kscien. There were approximately 100 philomath participants in the webinar. It deserves to mention that writing skills, like any other skills, cannot be gained only theoretically through books or lectures. Still, it prefers to gain this skill by experiencing step by step through continual practice and effort. As it said, everyone can start writing, but only a good writer able to finish the work.

You can watch the webinar Presentation through the following link