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At time being, Iraqi researchers have 2 options while attempting to publish their scientific works.

The first option: Local journals.

Many important issues are arising when we come to local journal. The most tremendous problem amongst those is that the published research article will leave no trace in the scientific literature, meaning that the most important purpose of publication which is (scientific communication) will be lost. This is in line with our preceding data which confirmed that even those local journals that have existed for more than 30 years still do not have a significant number of citations! This is without doubt implying that researchers have been throwing their work away instead of publishing it.
The second option: International journals.
While sending your manuscript to an international journal, you may face even more challenges and catastrophic problems. The major one is falling into a predatory publisher’s/journal’s hand.

Let’s take a look at the following data which show the likelihood of a Iraqi researchers submitting his/her manuscript to a predatory journal, which will of course vary across different  universities:

Salahaddin University              39.72%
Sulaimani University                35%
Hawler medical University     38.36%
Koya University                         48.43%
Charmo University                   15.6%
Baghdad University                 31.32%