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SULAIMANI, August 18, 2023 – The Kscien Organization for Scientific Research took center stage as the primary organizer and visionary behind the Sixth Excellent Paper Symposium held at the University of Sulaimani. The symposium was also notably co-hosted in cooperation with the University of Sulaimani and President Jalal Talabani Foundation.

The grand event unfolded in two significant segments, drawing the attention of academia, the research community, and the media.

In the award ceremony that marked the beginning, attendees were warmly welcomed by Dr. Kosar Mohammed, the dignified president of the University of Sulaimani. Echoing his sentiments were Dr. Sabir, the head of the Jalal Talabani Foundation, and Dr. Fahmi Hussein Kakamad, who spearheads the Kscien Organization. A pivotal highlight was Mr. Hawbash’s detailed presentation on the intricate ranking process for over 20,000 academic papers, which were evaluated based on the unique SNAPR criteria. This section culminated in an inspiring recognition of the scholarly winners, who were invited on stage to receive their well-deserved accolades.

The second half of the symposium was enriched with four enlightening seminars. Dr. Halgurd Sarhang led with an analysis of the profound impact of research. Following him, Dr. Shilan Hama Sur took the audience on an exploration of English grammar. Meanwhile, Dr. Fahmi intrigued attendees with a discussion on the frontiers of AI-powered research writing. Concluding the seminar series, Dr. Ahmed Kazm provided invaluable insights on the art and science of publishing in high-tier journals.

The scale of the symposium was evident in its diverse attendance. Prestigious university presidents, governors, and a whopping audience of over 600 researchers enriched the event with their presence. The significant impact and success of the symposium resonated far and wide, with more than nine TV stations and radio outlets broadcasting the event to curious audiences nationwide.

With this latest edition of the symposium, the Kscien Organization for Scientific Research has firmly reinforced its commitment to fostering academic excellence and innovative research across the region.